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Freeze-Dried Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana (Mixed Pouch)

Freeze-Dried Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana (Mixed Pouch)

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Fulfilled by our friends at The Fruit Box

This one pouch comes pre-mixed with strawberries, banana, and blueberries. Whether you're at home or on the go - at school, work, the office or gym - add these to your BEVVO with ice and your choice of liquid for a quick, refreshing smoothie, anywhere you go.

  • Unlike fresh fruit, freeze-dried fruit never rots and keeps all its nutrients and vitamins for months or even years
  • Sourced from local farmers and hand-picked, organic and grown using sustainable agriculture
  • Each pouch contains just 100% freeze-dried strawberries, banana, and blueberries. No sugar or anything else added. See images for more nutritional information.
  • Pouch size: 1 oz (28 grams)
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Make healthy happen.

Enjoy freshly-blended nutrition, wherever your day takes you.

  • Kickstart your day

    Fill up on freshness, even on those busy mornings.

  • Power your movement

    From pre-workout pump to post-workout cool.

  • Fuel your adventures

    From countertop to mountaintop, blend anywhere.

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